Tir Na N' Og
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Tir Na N' Og!!!  What kind of kennel name is THAT??!!  What on Earth does
Tir Na N' Og mean?  How do you pronounce it?  So......let me explain!!  I had
always wanted a Collie since the time I first saw Lassie on TV when I was 3
years old.   Who didn't??!!  My parents had given me a stuffed Collie toy for
Christmas that year and I was completely in love.  Forty some odd years later, I
still have it.  I had aspired and dreamed to someday own my own Collie, and for
years begged to have one, even knowing then what I was going to name it!!!  
Finally one day, in 1989, my dream came true.  My Kaesee.  What she started!!  

One day, I was watching a children's movie with my nephews, and this terrific  
name for my someday Collie kennel and Arabian horse farm  appeared before
my very eyes in the story of the movie.  I thought, HOW PERFECT!!

So!!  To give the meaning of Tir Na N' Og, it is an Irish fairytail land of eternal
youth.  What a wonderful name for a place that both Collies and Arabian horses
to live!!!  Both are eternally young in the heart and soul.  Coming from an Irish
family, the thought of having an Irish-Gaelic name for my farm-kennel, was just
too perfect!!  And to pronounce it.......say "Teer Nah Nogg" and that rhymes with
EGG  NOGG!!  Now you have it!!

Now that we have been breeding and showing for a
lmost 20 years, our vision
has become clear to our breeding program and our Collies.  It is our hope and
goal to produce Collies, both rough and smooth, not only close to the standard,
but in soundness, health and great temperament.  Beauty not withstanding!!  
We hope you agree and enjoy our website!!!
Kenneth M. & Erin Blaisure
445 Bush Rd
Montrose, PA  18801
The direct translation of Tir na nÓg is "land of eternal
youth". It refers to a mystical land in Gaelic mythology
where the trees are always in bloom and there is always a
bard to sing for you, where the food is always bountiful and
the drink is always flowing, and, most of all, a place where
you'll never grow a day older. You may live for blissful
eternity in this enchanted land.
Our own personal "fairy tale".  A
shot of our property before we were
able to build our dream.
Fall of 2003.
the kennel is behind the house.
Spring of 2006.
Gold GCH Tir Na N' Og
The Legend Of Banzai Maguire
The #1 Breeder Owner Handled Smooth Collie in
2011 & 2012,
#4 Hawkins in 2011
#3 Hawkins 2012