CH Tir Na N' Og Criminal Type

aka 'Hannibal'
Born 07/19/06
*Clarion Paint It Black  X  CH Tir Na N' Og Brl'antly Ds'gysd*
'Hannibal' the face.........doesn't really match 'The A-Team' roster, but, I
didn't name him after
that Hannibal.  And, I didn't name him after the other
Hannibal, either.  You know the one I mean...........I named this boy after
the conqueror of Italy.  I've always loved the name, and I wasn't going to
let a little bit of pop culture ruin the name or stop me from using it!

I got the name 'Criminal Type' after one of my all time favorite
thoroughbred race horses.............that, and, from his grandmother, who is
the baddest of the bad.  I felt that he had the potential to emulate her a
little bit!!

This boy was a joy to show.   He won his majors under  specialty judges,
judges Helga Kane and Janet Leek, and he won under all breed judges,
just as easily, having won the Variety over specials, several times!!  
'Hannibal', also, placed third in his class at this years National, before
coming home to finish, less than a month later.  

For now, he is going to do a little bit more growing up and then I have a
few 'dates' planned for him.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the faces
on those babies!!!
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'Hannibal's' pedigree.