Horsin Around
Dameral Reni
June 1983  - February 2006

Well, it is with a very heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of
my wonderful Half Arabian mare, Dameral.  I won't say that I owned
Dameral, but, maybe I would say that we were partners.   Partners for
eleven years.  She was
my very first horse and she gave it all back to me.  I had always loved
horses as a child, to the point of distraction to everyone around me.  
But, unfortunately, asan adult, I had lost my nerve riding them,  until
this beautiful mare came along.  If it weren't for her, I don't think that I
would ever have been able to ride with confidence again.  She could be
ridden by me with just a halter and a lead rope.  It was her preferred way
of being ridden.  No bits or saddles or anything fancy.  Even though I
tried to make her into a pampered horse, she would have none of that
foo fooey stuff!  She taught me the real way to be a 'horse person'!!
Thank goodness that I did breed her once and she gave me a wonderful
gelding that has much of her wonderful qualities and in this way, she
can be with me for a while longer.   But, in her passing, she left me
devastated, and no horse will be able to live up to her example for me.  
She has left very large hoof prints on my heart that won't ever be able
to be filled.