CH Tir Na N' Og Iconology
CH Silvermore Mystic Free To Dream  X  CH Tir Na N' Og Terra Incognita
Born August 10, 2010
"Icon" has been very special from the moment he was
born, and, by 3 weeks, he made it more than clear he
was staying.  
                                                                                                        CH The Meadows Notorious
                                                                          The Meadows Carry The Dream
                                                                                                  The Meadows Carry On
                                                CH Mystic In Your Dreams

                                                                                                       Impromptu Blast From The Past

                                                                                   Green Acres Snicker Doodle        

                                                                                                      CH Impromtu Reeses Pieces

 CH Silvermor Mystic Free To Dream

                                                                                                    CH Classique Color Me Bad

                                                                                    Classique Badstuff

                                                                                                   CH The Meadows Rainbow Express


                                                                                                 The Meadows Carry The Dream

                                                     CH The Meadows Silvermor Dreams

                                                                                                The Meadows Rainbow Electra             

                                                                                                   CH Gambit's Hurrican Brew'n ROM

                                                           CH Clarion Incognito        

                                                                                                     Clarion Brilliant Disguise

   CH Tir Na N' Og Terra Incognita

                                                                                                         Richeline's He's An Outlaw

                                                             CH Richeline Maeve McDoogle, ROM         

                                                                                                           Richeline Banshee's Return