CH Special Northern Outlander
(CH Row-bar's Northern Exposure  X  Marnus In Your Dreams)
Born October  29, 2003
Jamie truly is a beautiful dog, inside and out.  I feel so fortunate
to have him live here with us.  I ended up adding him to our
family, because I had bred 'Drusilla' back to her maternal
grandsire, CH RowBar's Northern Exposure, but, then, she didn't
take due to a bladder infection.  At about the same time, Laura
LaBounty and Judy Gilland had performed the wonderful
breeding of Lance and Ginger, and, I more or less told Laura that I
wanted a lovely sable smooth male from that outcross, as, that is
what I had originally wanted from Dru and I thought that this
breeding would result in a stunning litter.  Well, there ended up
only being one sable smooth male in that litter, so, I told
Laura.......................MINE!!!  Finally, when the litter was 5 weeks
old, I met them and this sable smooth male.  It was love at first
sight for me..............and, I think for him.  He just latched on to me
then and there, and I knew it was meant to be!  

Jamie is a fun loving, laid back, intelligent showman.  He always
gave his all in the showring and never let us down.  We had
planned on showing him in the specials ring, but, he broke his
right front leg in December 2005 and is recovering nicely.  We'll
just have to wait to see if he can heal enough to show again.

                                                                                     CH Tartanside Th Critics Choice
                      CH Countryview Golden Starr
                                                                                      Starr’s Dark Crystal
CH Row-Bar’s Northern Exposure
                                                                                      CH Foxbrides McLaughlan
                      CH Row-Bar’s Southern Exposure
                                                                                      CH Row-Bar’s Mar-k Bourbon Street

                                                                                     CH Overland Everlasting II
                      CH Marnus Golden Ruler
Marnus In Your Dreams                                                       Marnus Golden Rule

                                                                                      Marnus After Midnight
                      CH Marnus Irresistible
                                                                                      CH Marnus Unmistakable
Look familiar?  Jamie's
paternal grandsire, CH
Foxbrides McLaughlin