CH Richeline Maeve McDoogle
(Richeline He's An Outlaw x Richeline Banshee's Return)
March 10, 1999  -  April 6, 2011

"Maeve" is our very first champion. She was bred by Madeline Hynes of Richeline Collies in  New
York.  Maeve teamed up with handler Laura LaBounty  in the fall of 2000, and won 2 BOV's over
specials their first weekend out together, including a 4 point major. Two weeks later,  Maeve won a
huge 5 point major , then finished in style the following
weekend with a third major. As a special, Maeve has won several BOV's and a couple of Group 2's.

Bred to the gorgeous CH Clarion Incognito, Maeve produced a lovely litter, earning her 2nd place
of 9 in the Brood Bitch Class at the 2003 Collie Club of America National. Maeve's daughter,
Jordan, finished her championship in style, the spring of 2004, with a 5 point WB/BW/BOV over
some of the country's top specials.
Then, the spring of 2004,  Maeve produced a litter of 13 by our stud dog, CH Clarion When Worlds Collide,
co-owned with Judie Evans of Clarion Collies, which has
resulted in another champion for Maeve, CH Tir Na N' Og Sage Moon.

The spring of May 10, 2005, Maeve produced her third litter by CH Special Sharp
Dressed Man, owned by friend Laura LaBounty of Special Collies.  This litter
of TWELVE consisted of Blues and Tri's, roughs and smooths and  white factored.  Several offspring from
this litter hit the ring in the late fall of 2005, including Maeve's blue smooth daughter, new ChampionTir Na
N' Og la Dolce Vita.

One thing for certain, Maeve never knew how to do anything small!!  When she does
something, she does it BIG!!  

We had finally decided to breed Maeve one last time for a summer 2006 litter, but, alas, she didn't think that
she needed to have any more puppies.   We guess that we can't blame her, after already having such
wonderful litters.  So, we had her spayed , and now she can just concentrate on being what she
is.............our queen and live in bad girl.
The symbol for the Celtic Tree of Creation  
:  For without Maeve, what would be?
Maeve and Laura,  together again.  The National 2007 in the veterans class.