More Our Girls
CH Tir Na N' Og Sage Moon
(CH Clarion When Worlds Collide  X  CH Richeline Maeve McDoogle)
Born April 22, 2004
Sage finished 11/25/05 in Springfield, under Levi Marsman.  She
made it so much more special, by finishing her championship all
from the Bred By Exibiter class.  Sage won under specialty
judges and all breed judges, alike, with several BOV's over
In finishing, all from the Bred By Exibiter class, Sage earned an
invitation to the Eukenuba Cup, December 2006, but,
unfortunately, it was held in Long Beach, CA.  Too far for us to
Instead, Sage stayed home and had her final litter by our 'CH Tir
Na N' Og Maybe I'm Amazed' in January 2007 and is now living
the life of leisure with her new owners and her son, Basil, at a
lovely horse farm in New Jersey!  
Clarion Singular Sensation
(CH Lakewinds Shot in the Dark  X  Clarion Dreamscape)
Born June 1, 2002
After taking some time off from the show ring, to have a few
litters for us, "Fiona", bred and co-owned with friend and
mentor, Judie Evans of Clarion Collies, now has 12 points
and is in need of just a major to finish.  We are just waiting
for her to coat up and will be taking her out this fall and
winter to work on her championship.

"Fiona" is a beautiful girl, with the whole package.  With
outline, bone, structure, sidegate and a face to die for,
"Fiona" has only gotten better with age, and we don't think
it will be long before this clown in a Collie suit adds "CH"
before her name!!
"Vita" is her mother in a blue dress.  I really love this girl.  As a 6 week old
puppy, she won my heart and told me that I was hers and she was "Vita" is
her mother in a blue dress.  I really love this girl.  As a 6 week staying with
me.  And, I am so glad she did!!

Boy, was she been fun to show!!  I think that total, I might have only had
her out 6 weekends,  while she earned two 4 point specialty majors under
Naoma Cohen at the Collie Club of New England and Linda Tefelski at the
Collie Club of Western New York, that last a WB/BW/BOV over 3 specials,
one of several times up over specials.  And, I might add, that "Vita" finished
before the age of 10 1/2 months.

Last fall, Vita won the Variety at Philadelphia Kennel Club, to be seen on
NBC on Thanksgiving Day, as a representative of her Variety, then went on
to show at Westminster in February.  What a blast!!  For now, we are
waiting for Vita to come into season, as we have a very special litter
CH Tir Na N' Og la Dolce Vita

CH Special Sharp-Dressed Man
CH Richeline Maeve McDoogle
Born 5/10/2005
This shot of 'Fiona' was taken just
6 months after her first litter of
puppies..............where she won
the Variety and took an all-breed
Group 4.